Our mission

We believe deeply in
…the dignity of the individual,
…excellence in our standard of care, and
…uncompromising personalized service.

Our Mission

We believe deeply in
…the dignity of the individual,
…excellence in our standard of care, and
…uncompromising personalized service.


Whether you are familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine or are seeking information and treatment for the first time, you can be confident in the experience and dedication of our healthcare team. If you have been searching for acupuncture near Minneapolis, MN please feel free to contact our office at any time. We will be happy to answer your questions, verify insurance benefits, and schedule an appointment.

The personal care and attention that both my husband and I have received from Dr. Hu far exceeds anything we’ve encountered in the past. The results have also been amazing. We are much healthier thanks to her efforts and skill.

Margit Anderson

I've seen Mallory for acupuncture countless times, and her warm, kind, and compassionate energy is perfectly balanced with deep knowledge, excellent communication, and strong clinical intuition. Mallory is an wonderful practitioner who creates a healing environment with her powerful presence. I couldn't recommend her more enthusiastically!

Betsy R.

New to the area, I was determined to find someone that was as knowledgeable, attentive, and effective as my former acupuncturist. After many phone calls and visiting a few clinics, I believe I found Charlotte’s match with Lauren! I totally agree with a previous review mentioned: “She puts her all into her practice and it shows.” As a health coach, I am admit I am quite particular with who I invite to be part of my care team. If you are looking to compliment your traditional health care with an added holistic approach, I encourage you to give Lauren a call to see if her services can benefit you. Or of course, if you are not content with the services of another acupuncturist, I invite you to see Lauren!

Gloria N.

This place is an oasis for healing. It is a cozy niche in the corner of a large building. Very quiet and relaxing, (no cnn, fox, or sports highlights bombarding you) The staff at the front desk are very friendly and happy to see you. I've worked with most of the practitioners, and each one will take the time to sit down and listen to your health concerns. Founder Dr. Hu is passionate about transforming others' lives through the healing arts of Chinese medicine, and the same can be said of all the practitioners. I really appreciate the different healing arts they offer: Acupuncture, cupping, Gua Sha and massage. Whether you have a chronic condition, or want to improve your overall health this place is a gold mine of a find!

John Paul II

I highly recommend Lauren!! After almost 2yrs of infertility I found myself searching for help. My OB had told me there was nothing else she could do for me and referred me to reproductive medicine/IVF. I was at one of the lowest points I had ever been, just a really sad/dark place in life...that’s when I took a leap of faith and found Lauren! I will be honest, coming into this acupuncture journey I didn’t know much about it. I really wanted it to work, but there was a part of me that was skeptical. Lauren taught me to use food as medicine throughout my cycle. After 3 visits I felt better, mentally and physically! After 6 visits I found myself holding a POSITIVE pregnancy test (without the assistance of IVF)!!!! Anyone who has ever struggled to get pregnant, please take that first step and make an appt with Lauren, I promise you won’t regret it. My only regret is not coming here sooner.

Anne O.

Lauren is seriously MAGIC. She has the touch of an angel! I originally began seeing Lauren due to stress and anxiety that was affecting my daily life and also my health. Right away she made me feel so welcome; she really listened to my questions and concerns and with a smiling face gave an answer that I think anyone with unresolved issues needs to hear- “I think I can help you.” I felt so amazing after my treatment, I ended up going back to see her every week. Something that I wasn’t expecting was to begin getting a “regular” menstrual cycle as well as my skin clearing up drastically!! I have been struggling with very abnormal periods since a teen and have had terrible hormonal acne since I had my child (5 years ago). With consistent treatments by Lauren- my periods are regular, my skin is flawless and my stress/anxiety is at bay. I have seen many acupuncturists throughout the years but none have met my expectations like Lauren has. I cannot speak highly enough! Each treatment is like a mini vacation, drifting into a deep relaxation and waking with pure bliss. I recommended anyone to treat with Lauren and experience her AMAZINGNESS. 

Melanie L.

Lauren is knowledgeable, passionate and so kind. She puts her all into her practice and it shows. I have some difficult chronic pain I've been dealing with for years and she is determined to get me feeling better. If you are looking for a more holistic approach for health concerns, give this place a chance! Acupuncture, cupping, e-stim, ear seeds... are just a few of the things I have tried! Affordable & practical also.

Hayley V.

Amazing!!! I was never sure what to think about acupuncture, but I am happy to say it truly works. I am equally surprised after each session by how well I feel. Catherine is great! She really took the time to get to know me and understand my situation. I am so comfortable talking with her in spite of my social anxiety. I struggle with anxiety and other psychological problems, which have affected my physical wellbeing. In the short time receiving acupuncture therapy with Catherine my overall health is considerably better. I and others who know me have really noticed a huge difference, especially with my mental health. I used to have several panic and anxiety attacks a week. In the past few weeks I haven’t had any attacks. My depression has improved as well as my communication skills. Many of my other health issues have also been addressed, I am amazed by the results.

Jen F.

I experienced a stroke with a myriad of resulting motor and sensation issues. Lauren was very thorough as she took the time to listen and get an understanding of my body. She is well versed in various healing arts and has a very compassionate and reassuring manner as she implements treatment ideas and methods specific to my needs – which are changing as my body heals. She is very good at explaining what we are working to achieve. I have experienced some wonderful breakthroughs while under her care and I am excited to continue working with her as we continue my journey of recovery!

Eric A.

Chinese Acupuncture & Herb Center definitely deserves a five star rating!

I started coming to Chinese Acupuncture & Herb Center a number of years ago seeking help for neck and shoulder pain due to cervical spine issues. I knew the first time I met Dr. Hu I knew that acupuncture would become an important part of my life. She was honest in her evaluation of the problem and what could be done. She has provided me with a way to relieve pain without long term use of medication.

Beyond pain relief, acupuncture helps me deal with stress. It gives me a sense of overall well being. I look forward to my appointments. I am able to completely relax and refocus. When I leave the appointment, I am refreshed and ready for the rest of the day!

I believe everyone can benefit from acupuncture and consider Chinese Acupuncture & Herb Center the perfect place to be introduced to Chinese Medicine. Dr. Hu and her entire staff are experienced, caring, and compassionate. I frequently recommend them to family and friends, and intend to continue to do so.


I was referred to Dr Hu when western medicine had given up on me. I have multiple diagnoses, but one of the most serious is Occipital Neuralgia as a result of West Nile Encephalitis. I was seeing neurologists or monthly shot so pain killers in the back of my skull, but these, like other treatments, stopped working. I have been very satisfied with Dr Hu's approach, which takes into account the boy as a whole, rather than just looking at individual parts as if they have no relation. She has encouraged me to live a healthier lifestyle, and this, in tandem with her treatments is the first medicine that appears to be working.


A visit to Lauren for acupuncture is something I look forward to every time. She is skilled, quick, and friendly! I leave feeling relaxed every time.

Alex M.

Acupuncture really does help skin problems. Last fall my psoriasis was really bad and my dermatologist had no new treatments to help me. I was desperate. So I decided to try acupuncture. After just two treatments I could tell that it was going to make a difference. Within two months of treatments from Dr. Hu my skin was better than it has been in a decade. I am glad to recommend Dr. Hu and acupuncture for people with psoriasis.


This testimonial is in reference to the acupuncture treatment I received from Dr. Xiaoyan Hu, T.C.M.D. at the Chinese Acupuncture & Herb Center in Edina, MN.

In 2006 I was diagnosed with RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis). For anyone who suffers with this malady whether it has been recently diagnosed or an ongoing condition and or are considering taking prescription drugs, heed my warning. Listen to the Ads on TV and read the labels on the bottles defining the side effects before you consider using them. You may get some temporary relief but, the longer you take them, the more resistance you will build up against them. Therefore, the dosage’s will need to be increased. The side effects are extremely detrimental and may very possibly, shorten your life, not mention the expense.

My RA was severe and seemed to occur almost overnight. For first few months I required treatment from Dr. Hu several times a week. Eventually, however they became less frequent and now, my RA is under control. Five years have passed since my first visit to the clinic and now I go about every 6 weeks just to make sure there are no flare-ups. The treatment is also very cost effective as opposed the prescription drugs.

Dr. Hu has helped me immensely and I highly recommend her if you are seeking relief from RA. She is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and expert in the field of medicinal herbs. She also is an Associate Professor with the Minnesota College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Northwestern Health Science University in Bloomington, Minnesota.

G. C. Wilson, Eden Prairie, MN

As another reviewer said, Lauren Peabody is magic. She is truly the best practitioner I have ever come across, and I have been to many. After suffering from chronic rhino-sinusitis for 10 years, I thought my only options were surgery or antibiotics. But now, for the first time in five years I can smell and the only change I'd made was starting with Lauren in November of 2018. I live an hour away from the Edina clinic which is where I met Lauren and then not long after she moved to the Burnsville clinic which is 56 miles from my home, and I still see her regularly. Finding someone like Lauren is rare. I can't believe my luck that she was the practitioner available for the day I needed an appointment last November. She is informed, positive, energetic, holistic, kind, supportive, knowledgeable, and willing to think outside of the box when it comes to treatment. Which is just what someone like me needs! It's hard to take a chance on a new health care provider, but Lauren is worth every penny and more.

Palwasha N.

I have been there a few years and I love the treatment I have received there. The last two years I have seen Lauren Peabody and her new techniques have been great on my injury and provided much needed relief. She is wonderful and has been a great addition to the clinic.

Wanda M.

I had back pain when I started working with Lauren but she helped me heal. Thank you for your knowledge and wonderful customer service. You are truly a healer.

Halima A.

I started doing acupuncture for insomnia. After one treatment I was already seeing improvements in my sleep. Lauren is nothing but diligent and caring in her work. Would highly recommend!!

Whitney R.

I've been going to the Chinese Acupuncture and Herb center for six months now, and these sessions have become the calming highlight of my week! As someone new to acupuncture, I was initially apprehensive of the needles involved, but Mallory quickly made me feel comfortable and informed about the process; also the needles are smaller than the width of a hair so you barely feel them! I would highly recommend this acupuncture clinic to anyone experiencing chronic pain or those simply wishing to bring your body back into alignment and balance.

Sara C.

Mallory is excellent!! Love this place!

Jessica C.

Calming, personable, comfortable. Never had acupuncture done before but it was a great experience. Felt very relaxed after my session.

Ju M.

Lauren does an amazing job creating an environment where you can feel completely relaxed and comfortable, down to the smallest details. When I started seeing her two years ago I was brand new to acupuncture. Lauren let me know what to expect and made sure I wasn't experiencing any discomfort. Lauren is knowledgeable, thorough and definitely has a passion for helping people. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering acupuncture!

Ashley B.

Lauren is the best acupuncturist! She really knows what she is doing. She has such a calming personality and makes you immediately feel comfortable. LOVE THIS PLACE!!

Barb Z.

Lauren is wonderful, she is kind truly cares about her patients and her work. I definitely recommend her for accupunture!

Anna D.

This place is wonderful. If you can lay still for 30 minutes they can help you. I get acupuncture and cupping there. I've used them for post surgery recovery.

Dominic H.

I  saw Rebecca for my stress and insomnia. She is a very kind and compassionate person. I felt I not only received a medical benefit, but I felt emotionally supported as well. I highly recommend Rebecca. 


I am so happy with Chinese Acupuncture and Herb center. I had not had a period for 15 years - not since I was 15 years old. I went to medical doctors for years and was told my uterus was poorly functioning and that I would never again have a period or bear children. I decided to try Chinese medicine and saw Dr. Hu and Ingrid twice a week for several months. I now have a regular normal menstrual cycle! I will continue to work with them and hope to become pregnant soon! I highly recommend Chinese medicine and this clinic to anyone told "no" by their Western doctors.


I have been seeing Mallory for acupuncture for a long time! She is very knowledgeable and passionate about Chinese Medicine as a whole and is excellent with needling and providing acupuncture. I am confident in her skills and would recommend her to anyone!

Cassandra V.

Chinese Acupuncture and Herb Center’s, Acupuncturists Lauren is wonderful. I’ve always been hesitant of acupuncture mainly because I didn’t know anything about it. My husband started getting acupuncture and encouraged me to try it. Now that I have experienced acupuncture, I’m a firm advocate for it. This is one of many things I would recommend for a holistic approach to wellness. A huge reason why I now encourage others to try acupuncture is because of Lauren. She makes you feel extremely relaxed and cared for. She engages in sincere conversation with you as she swiftly and seamlessly sticks needles in you, taking your mind of off what at times can be an uncomfortable process. From the very first time, it was obvious she was experienced. With the slightest touch or poke, Lauren is able to determine where a root cause of pain is coming from and then address it. I understand that she sees a lot of people, and thus has experience, but I am constantly amazed of her natural talent. Not only is she an experienced acupuncturist, she recommends other things in regards to nutrition and supplemental activities to help with your overall health. And she doesn’t push any of her thoughts and suggestions on to you. It’s like having an insightful conversation with a good friend. I am a weightlifter, and with that comes its alignments. I had a strain/nag in my right elbow for over a year. Any type of pressing, my elbow was aggravated. Once I told her about it, she addressed it with acupuncture. I noticed a couple of days later as I gripped something, that I didn’t feel as much pain, whereas before, any time I gripped something with a little force, I could feel the strain in my elbow. Then, about week later, NO pain! I am not saying this is the silver bullet for all of one’s mental and physical ailments, but different things work for some and not for others, we’re all different. This is why I strongly promote a variety of methods, this being one for a healthier life. If you are not failure with the benefits of acupuncture, do a little research, then go see Lauren!

Laura S.

I sought out acupuncture at the Chinese Acupuncture and Herb Center to help with a cardiac arrhythmia after reading a paper that showed positive results in reducing cardiac arrhythmias compared to the cohort with traditional medications. I had surgery for my cardiac arrhythmia and it failed. After six weeks of acupuncture, I had another holter monitor placed to assess the frequency of my arrhythmias. My arrhythmias were reduced by half! My chest started feeling better and I have had more energy from my acupuncture sessions. My acupuncture specialist has been wonderful in listening to my symptoms and working weekly to improve them.


I highly recommend Chinese Acupuncture and Herb Center! I've been doing treatments with Lauren Peabody since the end of December 2018 due to some issues with fertility; in fact, my OB/GYN recommended IVF. After doing some research and reading some reviews, I decided to give Chinese Acupuncture and Herb Center a try. Fast-forward March 2019, I am healthily pregnant. Lauren is very caring, a good listener, and is attentive to her clients' needs. She has been positive from the first day. Thank you, Lauren, for all the care you treated me with! You are very talented, and I am very grateful for the treatments you have provided thus far.

Virginia M.

I learned more about how my body functions in one session than what I've learned from my family physician over the past three years! I will definitely be a repeat customer and have already referred this place to friends and family.

Christine H.

Since being new to acupuncture I was really impressed with Lauren, she was careful to find out where I was and what was needed. I would recommend her to any of my friends and family. She has helped my hot flashes, lower back pain, and also getting a better nights sleep. I would also recommend acupuncture if you are trying to quit smoking.

Judy C.

Great place to come and find relaxation. Cassie Siler is the person to see. She's phenomenal!

Paj Y.

We started going to Lauren for acupuncture and cupping several months ago. My son has a neurological condition that has seen improvement as a result of receiving this treatment. Lauren has a tremendous ability to make you feel comfortable and cared for. Lauren has been a blessing to our family and we would recommend her to anyone.

Kelly K.

This place is fantastic and Mallory Carlson is a true healer. Mallory combines her excellent acupuncture skills and experience with her deep listening and nurturing care, and it makes for an incredible holistic experience! I can’t imagine not seeing her as a part of my health care regimen.

Samantha S.

I had been to many doctors, but I did not start to feel better until I was under the care of Dr. Hu.The chronic pain associated with fibromyalgia, which had completely disrupted my life, finally began to ease when I received acupuncture and herbs from Dr. Hu and I live now with renewed hope. I have benefited from Dr. Hu’s treatment, from her compassion and understanding, and from her advice about drawing on the strengths of both Eastern and Western approaches.

Martha R.

I want to thank you Lauren Peabody for your knowledge, care, spirit and positivity. I am so appreciative & thankful that I found you and your practice! I can really feel how much you care for my well being! Your support means the world to me!!!! Lauren is working with me through acupuncture, cupping and herbal products to help me with fibromyalgia, 2 bulging disks and sleep sweats. Her knowledge and attention to details is beneficial, effective, and encouraging! Many smiles!

Dyane N.

Chinese herbs and acupuncture changed my life. After five years of doctoring and tests, I was told by my internist that my heat exhaustion would never go away and I would have to learn to live with it. Unwilling to stay indoors all summer, I looked elsewhere for help. Dr. Hu’s alternative medicine made it possible for me to enjoy the summer sun and heat without incidence of heat stroke.

Phoebe Ruona

Dr. Hu,
You have given me the gift of life. You have given me back more of my lost spirit and will to live that I thought possible. You have taken away pain. Pain that cripples me and prevents me from living my life.... Your sincere care has given me enough clarity to move forward so I'm not totally consumed by my physical pain.... 'Thank you' will never be enough to acknowledge the incredible impact you've had in my daily life and on my physical healing. The physical healing you give me has allowed me to start healing my spiritual health.

Anonymous and Grateful

Highly recommend Rebecca, she took her time and was very caring! Staff was very nice and professional. Will be coming back again 10/10


Feedback from a presentation given by Dr. Hu to a group of health care providers on 6/9/14 at Metropolitan Health Plan in Minneapolis:

"Thank you for setting up the great [talk] today... it was very interesting"

"I too thought that it was a fabulous presentation. Thank you for inviting [Dr. Hu] to talk to us"

"I enjoyed the presentation very much and I am interested in this topic myself at a personal level"

"Dr. Hu is very knowledgeable (and adorable)"

"I would like to contact her regarding treatment for anxiety"

"This service could be very useful for our members dealing with pain"

Metropolitan Health Plan Providers

Chinese Acupuncture & Herb Center, 2017